Irina (liberties) wrote,

8 марта

Среди поздравлений и текстов, почему 8 марта женщин поздравляют неправильно, несколько раз встречалось "международный" женский день в кавычках и "ограниченно-международный" женский день.

А сейчас смотрю почту. Мне пришла очередная рассылка от Architectural Review. Это старый английский журнал про архитектуру.

В сегодняшней рассылке:

‘Women are the ghosts of modern architecture, everywhere present, crucial, but strangely invisible’

Outrage: blindness to women turns out to be blindness to architecture itself

‘The podium, a symbol of power and prestige, creates a gendered space that all too often disempowers women and diminishes their credibility’

Built-in bias: hidden power and privilege in design

Amanda Levete talks tinned tuna, taking off your shoes and women doing it their own way at the Women in Architecture Luncheon on 2 March 2018

JVideo: Jane Drew winner 2018 Amanda Levete addresses the Women in Architecture Luncheon

Ada Louise Huxtable Prize winner 2018 Madelon Vriesendorp discusses women being written out of the script, defending her legacy and #MeToo heralding an end to mother-in-law jokes

Video: Madelon Vriesendorp speaks out at the Women in Architecture awards

Latest: AR March on Women in Architecture

Wolff Architects | WISE Architecture | MAIO | Gabinete de Arquitectura | Dow Jones | Paredes Pedrosa | 6a Architects | Barclay & Crousse | Amanda Levete | Madelon Vriesendorp | Zaha Hadid

Хороших вам праздников и выходных, в общем ;)))
Tags: #metoo, праздники

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